Thursday, July 8, 2010

Card Shop Lot

Recently I went to the card shop near my house and walked away with these. They were $1 each, which seems sort of pricy in terms of what I've read other people can get cards for at their local shops but oh well.

These two are for my Jeter Collection.
The serial numbered insert is kinda lame now that I think about it, but the Playoff Bound foil card is cool.

I get the impression that the All Time Fan Favorites cards are well liked and somewhat expensive so I grabbed up this Mattingly. And I couldn't resist the Topps Finest Andy Pettitte card.

I don't have the cards with me at the moment but I believe these two are Topps Chrome inserts commemorating the 1952 World Series. If anyone knows why this series was significant feel free to fill me in. These'll end up in my Yankee collection. I wonder if they have a refractor version, because that would have been waay more cool looking.

The Heritage Chromes and Refractors seemed much harder to come by this year so I figured $1 each wasn't half bad. The speckled backgrounds are a nice touch. These two are the plain Chromes.

...and these two are the refractor versions

The picture hardly does this one justice. The refractor aspect really makes this card nice. It's serial #d/ but I can't tell what the print rate is from the picture and the card is packed away at home so it'll remain a mystery. Maybe 27/99. I bought this one with the intention of offering it for trade, because I like the card but it doesn't really fit any of my collection goals.

Ok maybe I really should have just waited until I got home to type this post, because I have no clue what set these cards are from (It's a Donruss set of some sort, probably from 2004). I really like them though. The low print rate makes me think that there are probably 12 other variation of each of these cards. Especially since each of their print rates are different. Maybe there variations on the labels in the corners (these two being the HIT variations). Then again they could also do variations on the words running down the sides. If someone is trying to complete the set or w.e. they are up for trade but I also wouldn't mind holding on to them.
So that should have come to $13 for these cards but I'm pretty sure he only charged me $10. I'm pretty happy with that pile of cards for $10