Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Price is Right part1

So here it is. Part 1 of the contest.

Picture #1
2007 Allen & Ginter
Miguel Cabrera Jsy
Carlos Beltran Bat

Picture #2
2008 Allen & Ginter
Johnny Damon Bat

Picture #3
2009 Allen and Ginter
BJ Upton Jsy
Cameron Maybin Bat

Picture #4
Yankees GUM
Jorge Posada YSL relic
Jorge Posada & Mariano Rivera Dual GUM #d/99

For Pics #1, 2, 3 you need to guess the item price only, NO shipping added
For Pic #4 you need to guess the total cost with shipping

Post your 4 guesses contestants. Let's see who is EBay price savvy.

Sorry this post didn't go up last night as promised. I forgot to set the automated post thing. So instead it just sat there as a draft while I was out for the night.