Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cards from Heaven (Cardboard Heaven, that is)

Here are some highlights from a trade I made with Cameron from Cardboard Heaven. He sent me some cards for my player collections and an auto that is very much appreciated.
Here are my favorites of the Halladays that he sent.

Then there were some Mauer cards. Here are a few.

Then there was this Joe Mauer game used card. It's my first for Mauer so I was pretty stoked. It also just barely has a hint of a stripe along the right edge. Based on the Twin's uniforms I'm gonna guess that this is a piece of his pants

The last piece of the trade was this baby. The second auto that I can check off the list of 35 autos that I need to complete the set.
Clearly these guys don't care all that much when they sign these things. He signed right on top of the printing. Oh well, he probably won't ever be any good anyway.

Thanks Cameron.

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