Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Price is Right part2

Part 2 fellas. Have at it.

If you missed part 1 go make you estimates so I can wrap that one up

Picture #5:
Item price + Shipping
2008 Topps Finest: David Wright green refractor #d/199

Picture #6:
Cost of Items (NO shipping)
2009 Goodwin & Champs: Scott Kazmir Jsy GUM
2005 Donruss DK: Bill Hall 2 piece Bat GUM, #d/100

Picture #7:
Item Price + Shipping
1994 Bowman Derek Jeter
(Glare, and sideways, and blurry, Oh myyy!)

Picture #8:
Cost of items (NO shipping)
2008 Sweet Spot: Travis Hafner Jsy GUM
2008 Sweet Spot: Felix Hernandez Jsy GUM

Picture #9
Cost of items (NO Shipping)
2008 Sweet Spot: Nick Markakis Jsy GUM
2009 Sweet Spot: Nick Markakis Jsy GUM

Get those estimates in!