Monday, July 5, 2010

A Pair of Packs

So here are two more packs of Chicle.

Pack 1
#222 Lou Brock
#47 Brandon Inge
#70 Cliff Lee
#6 Joba Chamberlain (Chicle Back)
#68 Vladimir Guerrero
#28 Andrew McCutchen

Pack 2
#157 Jimmy Rollins
#192 JD Drew
#225 Mike Schmidt
Michael Brantley AUTO

I Liiike!

#138 Scott Kazmir
#108 Josh Hamilton

I was totally not expecting an auto. No sooner had I decided to put together the set of autos from Natl. Chicle then I pull one of them in my next pair of packs.

So now I have 2/35 autos from this set. The other of the 2 autos came in a trade package and you'll see it in my next post.

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