Monday, November 29, 2010

Better Late Than Never for Me to Join in on this Year's Ginter Action

I realize I totally missed the boat when it comes to posting 2010 Ginter stuff, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to post some sweet Ginter Minis

I decided that I am going to collect the mini insert sets for Ginter this time around, and a couple ebay wins has gotten me pretty far into the collection.

First: Some A&G Back minis, and a Lone Black Border

#4 Prince Fielder (A&G)
#61 Michael Cuddyer (A&G)
#66 Orlando Hudson (A&G)
#182 Chris Carpenter (A&G)
#191 Justin Morneau (A&G)
#219 Adam Wainwright (A&G)
#223 Jason Kubel (A&G)
#3 Ryan Braun (Blck Border)

I realize there was a shortage of regular back minis this year. I'm not sure why topps thought it a good idea to make regular minis one of the more difficult of the minis to pull from a pack. I had bought close to 20 packs and only managed to get 4 regular minis. Of course this made collecting the inserts easier but drove up prices on ebay for the regulars. Oh well, I may eventually buy up some of the standard minis at least of players I collect.

World's Wordsmiths and National Animals

#3 Washington Irving (x2)
#8 John Milton
#10 Edgar Allen Poe
#14 Plato
#12 Markhor
#23 Elk

The national animals set is one that I find to be really boring. Anyone else feel the same?

Monsters of The Mesozoic

#4 Velociraptor (x3)
#7 Spinosaurus (x2)
#9 Apatosaurus (x2)
#10 Brachiosaurus
#11 Diplodocus
#13 Pachycephalosaurus

More Monsters...
#14 Pentaceratops (x3)
#15 Protoceratops
#17 Dilophosaurus
#18 Supersaurus
#20 Oviraptor
#22 Protarchaeopteryx
#24 Carnotaurus

I love this set. Not much negative about dinosaurs. They've got some nice color on these and it's a plus that they are drawings. (If you thought about asking how I know that they are drawings, you might want to think again about what the subject of these cards is)

Lords of Olympus

#2 Poseidon
#3 Hades
#6 Apollo (x2)
#7 Aphrodite (x2)
#12 Cronos (x2)
#13 Prometheus
#14 Pheobe
#15 Demeter
#18 Eros
#19 Helios
#22 Nemesis
#24 The Muses (x2)

Finally: Sailors of The Seven Seas

#1 Christopher Columbus (x2)
#3 Sir Walter Raleigh
#5 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
#8 Henry Hudson
#9 Francisco Pizarro
#10 Juan Ponce de Leon

This set is definitely my favorite of the insert sets! They are just all around awesome designs, and use some nice portrait drawings as well as one that reminds me of ancient maps (back when sea monsters sank ships and the world was flat).

If anyone can help me out, be it filling some of my needs for these sets or simply taking some doubles off my hands, let me know. I'm more than willing to make trades.

BTW, A&G minis and the Black Border in the first picture are open for trade, I haven't much need for them. I'd like to hopefully get some parallel minis of players I collect in exchange.

Some Regular Chrome to Go w/ the Refractors

Aight, everyone knows that the base chrome cards are nothing in comparison to the rainbow shine of the refractors so I think I'm just gonna list what I got rather than post a bunch of pics.

2010 Topps Chrome:

5, 8, 11, 15, 18, 26, 44, 45, 46, 53, 58, 68, 70, 76, 78, 88, 89, 89, 94, 96, 101, 103, 117, 125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 134, 135, 137, 145, 145, 147, 150, 150, 151, 154, 157, 160, 163, 164, 166, 166, 167, 170, 176, 178, 182, 208

here's a link to the 2010 topps chrome checklist so that you can figure out who the heck the numbers refer to

All of these are up for trade so just let me know if you need any of these for set or player collections. I'm looking to get rid of these so it won't take much to entice a trade. The refractors from the last post are also up for trade.

I'm back with some new posts

I've been gone since leaving for school back in August but I'm back with some new posts. I don't even know if anyone will think to check my blog any more but I'm hoping some people have some interest.

I also know that I have to finish a contest that I started back in August but I won't be able to get to that until I go home for winter break.

As for now, I have some posts of stuff I bought on ebay. I have stopped buying packs of cards entirely, and switched to ebay. It is way more cost efficient, and the thrill of the chase kinda replaces the fun of busting packs.

I guess I'll start with some 2010 Topps Chrome REFRACTORS. I love me some shiny chrome!

3: Clayton Kershaw
4: Bobby Abreu
8: Tommy Hanson
34: Eric Aybar
39: Vladimir Guerrero
48: Justin Upton

49: Yunel Escobar
57: Josh Hamilton
68: Magglio Ordonez
74: Andre Ethier
82: Lyle Overbay
86: Chase Utley

98: Francisco Liriano
99: Chris Carpenter
99: Chris Carpenter
102: Jake Peavy
103: Jose Lopez
106: Jacoby Ellsbury

107: Edinson Volquez
110: Chipper Jones
111: Brad Hawpe
113: Hiroki Kuroda
128: David Ortiz
131: Michael Bourn

134: Justin Verlander
135: Carlos Beltran
137: Ryan Braun
150: BJ Upton
160: Gavin Floyd
161: Yadier Molina

178: Jon Jay
186: Cole Gillespie
191: Josh Donaldson
215: Kila Ka'aih...
218: Andy Oliver
220:Wade Davis

Orange Refractors:
Johnny Cueto
Vladimir Guerrero
Jair Jurrjens
Mark Buehrle
XF James Shields
XF Freddy Sanchez

Best For Last:
Purple Refractors:
Josh Donaldson
David Ortiz
Blue Refractors:
Grady Sizemore
Dan Uggla
Howie Kendrick

I really dig refractors from just about any set. Topps really needs to get their act together though when it comes to the chrome product in general. Every card that I have gotten from the 2010 set has been severely curved! I don't understand why they can't manage to produce the chrome cards with the same quality in 2010 as they had been doing in previous years where the curving of the cards seemed to be minimal. I can only guess that they are using cheaper quality materials when producing this year's set.

It's good to be back

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Price is Right part3

Here are a bunch more pictures for round 3.

Picture #10:
Price of cards (No Shipping)
Mike Rodriguez, 2006 Turkey Red Auto
Dan Johnson, 2006 Turkey Red Auto
Zack Jackson, 2005 Turkey Red Auto #d/200
Jeremy Hermida, 2006 Turkey Red Bat

Picture #11:
Price of cards + Shipping
Andre Ethier 2008 SPx Auto
Miguel Cabrera 2008 SPx Dual Jsy #d/25

Picture #12:
Price of Cards + Shipping
Kirk Gibson, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts Jsy #d/225
Barry Larkin, 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Jsy

Picture #13:
Price of Cards (No Shipping)
Bobby Bonds, 2002 SP Legendary Cuts Bat
Gaylord Perry, 2004 Bazooka Jsy

Picture #14:
Price of Cards + Shipping
Adam Dunn, 2005 Donruss Studio Bat #d/250
Chipper Jones, 2003 Fleer Flair Jsy
Grady Sizemore, 2008 Sweet Spot Jsy
Vladimir Guerrero, Diamond Kings Bat
Rafael Palmero, 2002 Fleer Showcase Jsy
Victor Martinez, 2005 UD Trilogy Bat #d/75
Dontrell Willis, 2007 Bowman Sterling Jsy RF #d/199
Scott Rolen, 2003 Leaf Cerified Bat #d/250
Mike Sweeney, 2003 Leaf Certified Jsy #d/250
Jermaine Dye, 2001 Leaf Certified Jsy #d/286

Tonight I will post the results for parts 1 & 2. This will be on the originals posts for each part, but the added results material will be written in red. I will also update the point totals on the sidebar (including adding Beardy to the list).
In the meantime, comment with your estimates for part 3

The Price is Right part2

Part 2 fellas. Have at it.

If you missed part 1 go make you estimates so I can wrap that one up

Picture #5:
Item price + Shipping
2008 Topps Finest: David Wright green refractor #d/199

Picture #6:
Cost of Items (NO shipping)
2009 Goodwin & Champs: Scott Kazmir Jsy GUM
2005 Donruss DK: Bill Hall 2 piece Bat GUM, #d/100

Picture #7:
Item Price + Shipping
1994 Bowman Derek Jeter
(Glare, and sideways, and blurry, Oh myyy!)

Picture #8:
Cost of items (NO shipping)
2008 Sweet Spot: Travis Hafner Jsy GUM
2008 Sweet Spot: Felix Hernandez Jsy GUM

Picture #9
Cost of items (NO Shipping)
2008 Sweet Spot: Nick Markakis Jsy GUM
2009 Sweet Spot: Nick Markakis Jsy GUM

Get those estimates in!

The Price is Right part1

So here it is. Part 1 of the contest.

Picture #1
2007 Allen & Ginter
Miguel Cabrera Jsy
Carlos Beltran Bat

Picture #2
2008 Allen & Ginter
Johnny Damon Bat

Picture #3
2009 Allen and Ginter
BJ Upton Jsy
Cameron Maybin Bat

Picture #4
Yankees GUM
Jorge Posada YSL relic
Jorge Posada & Mariano Rivera Dual GUM #d/99

For Pics #1, 2, 3 you need to guess the item price only, NO shipping added
For Pic #4 you need to guess the total cost with shipping

Post your 4 guesses contestants. Let's see who is EBay price savvy.

Sorry this post didn't go up last night as promised. I forgot to set the automated post thing. So instead it just sat there as a draft while I was out for the night.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Contest Starts Tonight

A bunch more people joined the contest, so I'm going to start it tonight. Be ready guys. The first post should be up by 9. Afterward I'll probably do one post per day.

One change to the rules: Originally, you had to guess the price without shipping. But now I will specify on each picture whether you need to factor in shipping when guessing the price. Some pictures will have a partial ebay purchase so I won't be able to do shipping on those, but the rest will include shipping because I realized how much of a difference shipping makes in the cost of the items.

If I'm missing your name in the list in the sidebar, let me know and I'll get you in there.

Good luck everyone!