Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pulls: Three Pack Re-Pack

I was at Walmart and decided to buy this three pack re-pack cause it was cheap and I saw that one of the three was 07 Turkey Red. I always like the look of art cards. So here's what I got....

2007 Topps Turkey Red:

I figured I'd start with the rookies:
186 Yovani Gallardo
153 Andy LaRoche
141 Kevin Kouzmanoff

On to the vets:
138 Shawn Green
95 Derek Jeter
150 Ken Griffey Jr.
78 Curt Schilling

And then... those retired:
167 Mickey Mantle

I'm definitely pleased with this pack, a Derek Jeter and the Mick is always a good turn out.
I did notice though, that the Jeter painting doesn't share much of a resemblance with it's live counterpart. Oh well, they can't all be perfect.

The other two packs were a 2008 UD First Edition and a 2007 UD Series 1
These two were pretty disappointing, and the only card really worth showing was pulled from the 08 First Edition

SQ-19 Jose Reyes (common)

I usually like the Star Quest cards, but this one does nothing for me. The green seems too saturated and Reyes' head blends right in with the background. The scan actually does this card a favor.

At least the Turkey Red made up for the other two packs.

PS: My apologies for the first few scans being mirror/reverse images, I have to figure out the correct way to put them in the scanner so that I don't have to rotate the image afterward.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Trade

Here's the cards that I have with me at school that I will gladly trade away. As soon as I get home for winter break, this list will get huge, but for now this what is available.


Topps Chrome:
22, 42, 70, 78, 109, 169, 177, 209, 211, 214
Refractor: 144
09 World Baseball Classic: W57, W84

Upper Deck SP Authentic:
9, 16, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30, 33, 41, 44, 46, 47, 54, 58, 59, 61, 73, 75, 77, 79, 82, 84, 86, 89, 93, 96, 100
SP: 166
Faces of the Game: 177, 181

Upper Deck X:
2, 3, 17, 20, 23, 25, 77, 81, 83, 96
Die Cut Parallels: 4, 8, 31, 40, 57, 75
Exponential (Insert): X2-CB, X2-VG, X3-AZ


Topps: Base Set
Series 1
13, 184, 193, 210, CL 2/3
Updates & Highlights
3, 28, 36, 122, 126, 129, 135, 149, 165, 174, 177, 192, 198, 227, 240, 252, 329, CL 1/3
All-Rookie Team 50th Aniversary (Insert): AR20, AR25, AR46, AR48

Topps Chrome:
13, 35, 37, 45, 59, 95, 103, 105, 113, 117, 125, 171, 179, 203, 205, CL 1/2, CL 2/2
Refractors: 158, 213, 216
All-Rookie Team 50th Aniversary (Insert): ARC15

Upper Deck First Edition:
124, 136, 144, 157, 176, 209, 251, 296


Upper Deck Series 1 & 2
33, 102, 110, 117, 132, 194, 224, 238, 271, 291, 326, 338, 407, 464
540, 599, 651, 662, 668, 701, 729, 791, 857, 890, 892, 908, 911, 929, 962

Upper Deck Spectrum:
4, 8, 25, 92
Rookie Retrospectrum (Insert): RR-CD

not done posting, but i lost patience. I'll get back to it later ...

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am new to the blogging world, but not new to collecting. For the past year or so I have spent plenty of time on ebay and elsewhere educating myself about baseball cards, looking to buy at bargain values and expand my collection. I've found that collecting for monetary value without being willing to shell out some cash is extremely difficult and that the time spent doing so is more valuable than the speculated profits of future sales. Most times I ended up confusing what I valued with what was actually valuable anyway.

For the longest time, I collected baseball cards and valued each and every one with the thinking that they each held monetary value that needed to be protected. Recently I realized: first, that most of mine are in the mid-low range price value and even the super stars are only worth a dollar or two, and secondly the majority of them meant very little to me and even a trade that wasn't completely fair -in which I lost some monetary value- could give me more enjoyment than the current pile of cardboard that I have amassed.

Now I'm looking to collect with a focus on what I like. Of course money still plays a role; a Ken Griffey Jr. auto for a flashy Paul O'Neill that I'm missing is still not a good move on my part, and even a Derek Jeter rookie auto would be hard pressed to separate me from $100.
So here are some guidelines I decided on:
1. I want to focus on products in the middle range in price, rather than each year's standard set *
2. I want to have some continuity in what I collect.
- Specific players
- Medium sized & smaller sets
- Specific insert sets
3. Trading away the cards that I personally don't value

*: When I say "low middle range" I mean sets like A&G, Heritage, Goudey, and Chrome. Products over and around $100 for a hobby box are a little pricy for me.

I'm a Yankees fan, so I tend to favor my team when collecting, but there are tons of players from other teams that I'm more than happy to get cards of.
Some players that I truly collect are:
- Derek Jeter
- Ichiro
- Mariano Rivera
- Joe Mauer
- Lance Berkman
- Robinson Cano
- Ryan Zimmerman
Some retired player that I collect are:
- Mickey Mantle (new and old) hard not to, they're everywhere
- Paul O'Neill
- Don Mattingly
- Bernie Williams
- Wade Boggs
Some newer players I collect (rookies in 2006-2009):
- Phil Hughes
- Joba Chamberlain
- Evan Longoria
- Tim Lincecum
- Hanley Ramirez
Others That I casually collect:
- Alex Rodriguez
- Mike Mussina
- Andy Pettitte
- Alfonso Soriano
- Mark Teixeira
- Melky Cabrera
- Ian Kinsler
- Nick Markakis
As I go along this list may thin out and/or have some new names added.

I'm definitely looking to trade cards. I look for any of the above players, but I enjoy any cool looking cards of star players (I haven't completely parted with my eclectic collecting). If you see anything you like, leave a comment or shoot me an email and make an offer. Also, feel free to request cards from the players that I collect, I may have some doubles. When it comes to trading, I collect certain players but I am willing to trade for an eclectic pile of interesting cards, not team or player specific. I am more interested in collecting specific sets and insert sets.

As soon as I can get my scanner working I'll start posting up-dates on my collecting.