Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pulls: Three Pack Re-Pack

I was at Walmart and decided to buy this three pack re-pack cause it was cheap and I saw that one of the three was 07 Turkey Red. I always like the look of art cards. So here's what I got....

2007 Topps Turkey Red:

I figured I'd start with the rookies:
186 Yovani Gallardo
153 Andy LaRoche
141 Kevin Kouzmanoff

On to the vets:
138 Shawn Green
95 Derek Jeter
150 Ken Griffey Jr.
78 Curt Schilling

And then... those retired:
167 Mickey Mantle

I'm definitely pleased with this pack, a Derek Jeter and the Mick is always a good turn out.
I did notice though, that the Jeter painting doesn't share much of a resemblance with it's live counterpart. Oh well, they can't all be perfect.

The other two packs were a 2008 UD First Edition and a 2007 UD Series 1
These two were pretty disappointing, and the only card really worth showing was pulled from the 08 First Edition

SQ-19 Jose Reyes (common)

I usually like the Star Quest cards, but this one does nothing for me. The green seems too saturated and Reyes' head blends right in with the background. The scan actually does this card a favor.

At least the Turkey Red made up for the other two packs.

PS: My apologies for the first few scans being mirror/reverse images, I have to figure out the correct way to put them in the scanner so that I don't have to rotate the image afterward.

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  1. Very nice pulls on the Turkey -It was pretty much tailored made for you