Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pulls: Upper Deck Spectrum 07 & 08

I thought I'd post some Spectrum cards I pulled the other day. I had bought a pack of the 2007 Spectrum from along with some other stuff that will be posted at another time. Then I got the 2008 Spectrum cards from a pack that was in a repack box in Walmart. It's really a bummer that while I'm at school my collecting is limited to whatever I can find at the local Walmart. I'm really interested in trying to collect the Derek Jeter Retrospectrum insert set from the 2008 Spectrum packs, so if anyone has some for trade or knows where I can find some more of these packs just let me know. Here's what I got...

2007 UD Spectrum:

8 Jim Thome
25 Justin Morneau
4 David Ortiz
92 Omar Visquel

and an Insert:
Rookie Retrospectrum: Chris Demaria

2008 UD Spectrum:

60 David Wright
31 Matt Holliday
78 Greg Maddux
65 Robinsn Cano

Well I got a Cano for my PC, it's actually one I really like.

I wish the 08 Spectrum pack had one of the Jeter retrospectrum cards but overall I like both of these products. What can I say, shiny cards are nice; maybe it's just because I grew up during the Pokemon craze. One complaint that I have is that the 07 Rookie Retrospectrum insert cards look too much like the base cards. I'm definitely planning on buying more of the 2008 Spectrum packs though.

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