Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ebay: Apparently I was the only ebayer to find these Sweet Spot cards to be Sweet

Last week ebay got the better of me, and I won a couple auctions from two sellers. Anyone who has ever used ebay to add to their collection knows how addicting it can be. It always starts with an innocent web search for info on a card, then you accidentally click a link for an ebay auction regarding this card. Next you spot a must have item in one of the many auction links that come up. Before you know it you've snagged the item and are looking for others from the same seller to make the shipping cost more economical.

Here are the results from that progression:

Ok, so it's not a Sweet Spot Auto but it went for dirt cheap and this was the day after Cliff Lee's game one gem in the World Series. I had to get it.

Now the search was on for another item to buddy up on the shipping.
In this second auction I got:

SS-VW Vernon Wells
SS-TH Trevor Hoffman
SS-SH Shin-Soo Choo

Sweet Beginnings: James Parr Auto #d/699

I liiike. Cool on-card auto. The baseball graphic at the bottom of these cards is fantastic, great effect. Surprisingly, this lot went for even cheaper than the Cliff Lee, I wasn't sure that was possible.

O yeah, the second lot also came with this stuff:
I'll hold on to Mr. Berkman for my PC but the other two are w.e.

Hopefully the loot that I won from the other seller will arrive shortly.

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