Sunday, November 22, 2009

Decisions decisions

Decisions decisions. I am going to pose a question to everyone out there in the blogging world and I'm gonna hope that some people decide to read and comment on it, crossing my fingers.

I am in the process of making my xmas list, and I am realizing that there aren't very many things on it. Most of my clothing needs are currently met, I don't have that one big gift that I am asking for like in past years (i.e. ps3 or a snowboard). So this leaves some good gift opportunities for baseball cards. I don't want to burden my family with the task of scouring ebay for singles that I might be interested in so I would like to ask for a couple of hobby boxes as gifts because I don't particularly have the money to invest in those myself. But deciding on 3 hobby boxes to ask for is a tough job, there are sooo many options.

So here's the question: If you were to ask for three hobby boxes from the past 3 years what would you put on your list, and why?

However, there is one stipulation, you must take price into account when making your decision. You can put a $100 hobby box on your list if you desire but that means you need to justify why you would choose that box over any of the others that have a much lower price ticket.


  1. three hobby boxes...I would go with 2007 Masterpieces, 2009 SP Legendary Cuts, and a Box of 2009 Topps Chrome.

  2. Haha, 2007 Masterpieces is actually atop my list. I have been in love with those cards ever since they first came out but for some reason never tried to save up for a hobby box. Maybe this xmas will be the one.

  3. The 07 Masterpieces would be hard to beat and it has a good price point. I also like 2008 Topps Heritage which is in the same price range right now.