Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Price is Right.... CONTEST!

I will be holding my very first contest over the next couple weeks. I figured since I don't get many comments, I had to come up with some way to boost readership. So here it is, The Price is Right. I've never actually seen The Price is Right so I may get the concept totally wrong. Oh well, sue me!

Basic Rundown:

The idea of the contest will be to guess the cost of recent ebay items that I won, from a series of pictures (Minus the cost of shipping). The person to guess the closest for each picture will be awarded points. At the end of the contest, who ever had the most points wins.

You can think of me as Bob Barker, and yourselves as price-savvy contestants.

What can I say, the ladies love me


- Advertising the contest on your blog will get you 4 points.
- Being a follower of my blog will get you 2 points.
- For each picture that your guess is closest you will be awarded 3 points.
- If there are 2 or more people tied for the closest guess, each person will get 2 points.
- You must list your guesses in a comment on each particular post, and you will need to come up with an estimate for each picture (List these estimates in the order that the pictures appear in the post)
Ex) Pic 1:$2.35 Pic2:$5.67 Pic3:$3.89 ..........

Additional Info:

I am not yet sure how many posts the contest will include, but I will give you warning of when the contest will end a couple posts in advance.
I may decide to add a bonus pic or two randomly in posts that are non-contest oriented, so I encourage you to read all posts on my blog.


The prize will be one or more of the items that appear in the contest pictures. If a lot of people decide to join in, it will be a couple of the items, but if only a few join in then I will most likely keep it at one item.


Please comment on this post if you want to be in the contest so that I can add you to the point list that will be in my sidebar. In this comment you should also tell me if you are a follower of my blog and if you will be advertising the contest on your blog.

Let the Pricing begin.


  1. I definitely want it! And I will advertise you as well (I'm already a follower)!

  2. I'm in, I'm a follower and I will probably pimp it on my blog... I don't know if you have been following it, but the group break spoils will be shipped this coming week. Please send me your current address when you get the chance... Cheers! troll

  3. I'm in for your contest. I'm now a follower and I advertised it on my blog:

  4. I'm in. I follow your blog and will advertise your contest on my blog, It's like having my own Card Shop. Thanks!

  5. I'm following, and a link to the contest will be up on my blog this afternoon (

  6. This sounds like fun. I'm in, a follower, and will pimp this on my blog. I will be away from my computer for most of the next week, but will do what I can. It's a great idea though!

  7. I'm in. I'm following and I posted about it.

  8. has the deadline passed to enter? I am or will be a follower (I can't see that now) and will promote it at my blog. Thanks.

  9. I want to be in it. I'm a follower

  10. I also promoted it on my blog

  11. Am I too late to get in on the action?