Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trip to Rite-Aid

I picked up some package materials for trade packages that I need to send out, and I happened to see that they had some 09 Chrome. Of course, how could I say no to some chrome. I got four packs. Here they are:

#56 Randy Johnson
#138 Joba Chamberlain
#195 Kenshin Kawakami (RF)
#57 Jon Garland

It's a good pack when I pull a Yankee that I like. Can't forget about the freshly retired Randy Johnson.

#137 Travis Hafner
#104 Victor Martinez
#W38 Cheng-Ming Peng (WBC)
#97 Dustin Pedroia

I am a chrome Hafner magnet. In the span of a booster and 8 some-odd packs I've pulled 3 regular Hafners and 1 XF. Apparently there were no retakes allowed for the WBC photo shoot cause some of these guys pics are laughable.

#6 Jon Lester
#215 Anthony Claggett
#6 Jon Lester (XF)
#147 Garret Anderson

Two Lesters in one pack! The odds of that have got to be awfully slim. I like the XF better than the RF. This guy Claggett keeps coming up too. I have 2 normal and an RF of him, which works out fine cause he's a Yank. Anyone know if he's any good?

#30 Chris Young
#120 Curtis Granderson
#18 Jermaine Dye (RF)
#205 Ramiro Pena
Check List 1

Sweet Ramiro! I finally got Pena. I'm glad that they don't consider the CL one of your four cards for the pack. It's hard to tell but the Dye is in fact a RF.

The Pena and the Chamberlain are mine but everything else is fair game for trade.


  1. the words Yankee and Rookie are oxymorons. Yanks buy their talent and sell the young scrappers. didn't they already get rid of Phil Coke?

  2. Yes! An I am very disappointed. No sooner did I pull his RC auto in a freebie pack of UD A Piece of History then they turn around and trade him away.

    As much as I will always be a Yankee fan because that's how I was raised, I can't stand the fact that they don't hold on to their young talent. There is nothing to take pride in because nothing is home grown. I hated the day that they dealt Melky.

  3. RITE AID HAS TOPPS CHROME???!!!!!!!????

    I'm there tomorrow.

  4. I'm with Night Owl. I can't find 09 Chrome anywhere... Sweet pulls though, dude.

  5. dude i totally want that lester XF

  6. How can you be part of FDNY and be a Red Sox fan? I'm kinda disappointed. Anyway, the Lester XF is already owed to a blogger in return for something he already sent me. Sorry, I shoulda specified. Thanks for reading though

  7. Rite Aid here in Ohio has Chrome also. If you are not building the set, I'd love the Hafner and Martinez !! Your Turkey Reds will be on the way shortly.

  8. Baseball Dad, those two can most certainly be yours