Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mail from Baseball Dad from All Tribe Baseball

I had sent Baseball Dad some cards a while back and this package arrived recently in return. Everyone knows him from All Tribe Baseball but he has also opened up a new blog that everyone should check out; it is called Baseball Dad's Sportscard Trading Post.

To start, he sent four cards from my Diamond Kings needs list:
1991 Donruss Diamond Kings: Gregg Olson, Matt Williams, and Len Dykstra
1989 Donruss Diamond Kings: David Cone

My very empty binder of Diamond Kings just got a little bit fuller. Seeing as I started with so few of these cards, I have a long way to go, but thank you Baseball Dad for getting me a little bit closer.

I certainly put together an eclectic grouping for this photo
Alfredo Aceves RC, Lou Gehrig Legends of the Game, and Ichiro TTT

I really like the look of the A Piece of History set and Lou Gehrig was a great addition to my "Legends of the Game" collection.

3 cards of Yankee Old Timers
I really like the card design on the two Babe Ruth cards. I had never seen these before, but they caught my eye as a well done set of flashback cards. I'm wondering how many cards there are to the World Series Heroes set? Is it all Yankees?

4 bygone Yankees
Reggie, Henderson and two Winfields

I'm actually trying to collect the set of mini cards that the one Winfield is from, but I don't know what it's called in order to find the rest of them. Including the Winfield from Baseball Dad, I now have about 15 cards from the set.

4 Wade Boggs cards
That is one awesome Wade Boggs card!!! Sweet foil detailing and the diamond area around his portrait is see-through. Really cool looking. Thank you Baseball Dad. The Chrome Boggs duo card is also really neat.

Three mickey's that I didn't have. It's a good bet that I could be sent a pile of 100 Mickey Mantle cards from present day and I wouldn't have any of them. There are just sooo many.

3, 2009 Heritage
Heritage Yanks, two of which I collect, very nice. This set has some of the most unflattering pictures that I have ever seen. Topps really butchered the players with this one.

This Heritage set on the other hand is done by Bowman and is one that I really like the look of. Maybe I'll try to get the Yankee team set for this one, with these cards (minus the Hanley)I'm probably about 1/3 of the way done.

The Zimmerman, Chamberlain, Mariano, and Ichiro all go toward my player collections. The RC Tyler Clippard and the Helton will work toward completing their respective sets. Thanks to trades, my player collections are really starting to grow.

Like my last post I am somehow missing a key piece of the package. Baseball Dad had sent a Todd Helton jersey card from Sweet Spot. I forget what year the card was issued in, and now that I am at school, separated from my PC's I have no way of knowing. Either way, it's a great card and one that I really appreciate.

Thank you Baseball Dad for a great package. He packed in some great variety and some really cool cards to add to my collection. Be sure to check out his new blog.

Wow, I'm a jerk. The first time that I published this trade post, I totally forgot to mention that Baseball Dad had also included a Holiday Greeting card that he had created and wrapped around an extra baseball card for me. This card was the 2009 A&G Ichiro pictured above. Great guy he is.


  1. Glad you liked the cards! I've got yours in line to post ASAP.

  2. Haha, no problem. This holiday season has really showed me how hard it can be to get everything posted, and trades shipped.

  3. Agree the Bowman Heritage set is sweet. They just hit that one on all cylinders.