Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pulls: (4) 7 Card Packs of 09 Chrome

Hey, I have some 2009 Topps Chrome to show off today. I like the chrome product, mostly because they are hardy cards and I like the refractors that are reasonably plentiful. I bought 4 packs of 7 cards at Wal-Mart and this is what I got:

The Basic:

22 Justin Morneau
42 Kosuke Fukudome
70 Scott Rolen
70 Scott Rolen
78 Joe Crede
95 Stephen Drew

109 Aramis Ramirez
115 Todd Helton
137 Travis Hafner
145 Nick Swisher
159 Jake Peavy
169 Cole Hamels

I love Todd Helton and Jake Peavy, and the Nick Swisher photo really does suit his style.
BTW, what's happened to Cole Hamels? He's gone from 08 World Series stud to 09 Postseason dud.

The Rookies:
177 James McDonald
209 Chris Jakubauskas
211 Walter Silva
211 Walter Silva
214 Gordon Beckham
215 Anthony Claggett

I might hold on to this Beckham card, I've heard he's supposed to be good but I don't much about him. Anyone want to fill me in?

RF and PC:
144 Jimmy Rollins RF
180 Phil Coke RF
215 Anthony Claggett XF
94 Joe Mauer RF (PC)
163 Robinson Cano (PC)
67 Ian Kinsler (PC)

This is definitely a great group of cards for me. As a Yankees fan, I like the Phil Coke rookie refractor, and even though I've never heard of him, the Anthony Claggett x-fractor is pretty cool too. The Mauer refractor is a really cool addition to my PC, and Robi Cano and Kinsler are also always welcome.

W57 Po Yu Lin
W84 Nelson Cruz

Ehh, the WBC inserts aren't my favorite. They seem pretty dull and I really don't like the WBC logo. They are definitely up for trade if anyone is collecting the set.

I also got an Auto in these packs but I can't show it here cause there apparently is a five photo limit per post. It wouldn't let me add a 6th pic so you guys are going to have to wait until my next post to see it.


  1. Hi,always glad to see a new blogger appear! Here's some info on Beckham :http://www.southsidesox.com/2009/8/3/976124/gordon-beckham-allows-white-sox. I'm a Tribe fan and don't really know a lot about him myself.A lot of potential though.I've been here for almost a year now and do a lot of trading.Always looking for anything related to the Cleveland Indians.In the next couple of weeks I'm planning some major changes which I hope will open up a lot of trade possibilties.I would be interested in the Hafner Chrome card. Welcome to the blogosphere!!

  2. You can only upload five photos at once, after they upload just hit the add photo button again and another five are available to you. I would love the Beckham. I have one for my set but wouldn't mind starting a player collection of him. He is a college stud who flew through the minors. Great hitter.

  3. Baseball Dad, thanks for the link and the welcome. I can put some indians stuff together for you and I'll include the 09 chrome Hafner.

    Chris OK, I might want to hold on to the Beckham for a while, see if I can score any other of his cards and put together a collection. If i decide against it I'll definitely hold him aside for you.

  4. Don Wicked Ortega, Thanks for the welcome