Monday, November 9, 2009

Ebay Purchase: Gotta Love Ebay

So recently I did some scouring of ebay to bolster my player collections. I found this one really great ebay seller. Every one of his auctions was a "buy it now" for either $1 or $2 in which he allowed you to pick a specified number of cards that he had available from the auction category. I felt like I was in ebay heaven, I didn't even have to outbid anyone.

YR19 Alex Rodriguez
YR13 Roy Halladay
AR20 Ivan Rodriguez
AR48 Manny Ramirez
240b Phil Hughes
240a Phil Hughes

On the right are (2) 2007 Bowman Heritage Phil Hughes. the one without the facsimile auto is the SP.
The four cards to the left of Phil and the 6 in the scan below are a lot of 10 2009 Topps inserts that I picked out, in one of my purchases. When I first saw the All-Rookie Team 50th Aniversary cards I wasn't impressed, but they have grown on me so I decided to go with mostly those cards in my selection. Also, he had a lot of these inserts that would contribute to my player collections.

AR13 Alfonso Soriano
AR42 Ichiro Suzuki
AR44 Todd Helton
AR46 Derek Jeter
AR52 Ryan Zimmerman
AR54 Joe Mauer

All 6 of these are going toward player collections.
Topps photography is disappointing time and again, when will they get it right?! The Ivan Rodriguez card in the first scan and some of the others are crystal clear but the Ichiro and Zimmerman are really fuzzy. Do their photographers use point and shoot cameras, ones that don't have a setting for motion photos? Step it up!

US6 Roy Halladay
US23 Joe Mauer
US25 Ryan Howard
US11 Shane Victorino
US33 Ryan Zimmerman
US47 Grady Sizemore

I love these inserts because of how hefty the card stock is; that and the Allen and Ginter art has such a great touch. I got to pick 6 of these for $1! How is that even fair; I felt like I was stealing. The hobby shop back home sells these for $1 each. I might actually try to collect the set of these inserts. I don't have money or patience to put together the full 08 A&G set but I can handle this insert set for sure.

29 Alex Rodriguez
35 Ichiro Suzuki
42 Ryan Zimmerman
60 Lance Berkman
70 Derek Jeter
80 Carl Crawford

I kinda like the 07 UD Elements set. The top row has cards from the Light Effects portion of the set. The second row has cards from the Foil Board portion of the set. I like the Light Effects most out of the three technologies used.

112 Derek Jeter
113 Alex Rodriguez
122 Carl Crawford
126 Ryan Zimmerman

These 4 are the PETG cards from the set. Blehh. No good. The poses are dull, and the stat box on the back shows through and sits right in the middle of the picture. The plastic card stock is pretty neat though.
I've seen one good use of this technology and I believe it was by Skybox. Half of the card had a pic of the player in motion, it was opaque and raised; while the other half was clear and recessed so that the player's pose jutted out into the clear section. The stats were hidden behind the opaque half of the front.

Now for the best part...

SZ-RH Roy Halladay
CC-MR Mariano Rivera

These are my first game used cards of both Halladay and Mo.
My favorite set is the 2007 UD Masterpieces, so a game used Mo card from this set for $1.50 was the perfect find!


  1. Wow, sweet stuff, lovin that Rivera, I gotta get that somewhere sometime. Thanks for subbing, I'll put up a little shoutout on my blog, I knew how much it stinks to have few followers, feels like you're writing to a wall. I'll get you some subs, don't worry. Drew

  2. Email me your address when you have a chance please that way i can get those card out to you!!