Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mail from Chris OK

Thanks to Chris OK of Budget Baseball Cardboarding, I have completed my first trade. Chris helped me get my blog started and was the first to subscribe, so I owe him a big thanks. I sent him a package a while back and this what he sent in return.

Of course when it first arrived at my school mailbox I was away on thanksgiving break so it was great to return to find a package waiting for me. So here it is (it's a beauty):

2 Ichiros
1 Roy Halladay
3 Evan Longoria

This is pure generosity because Chris collects both Longoria and Ichiro, I sure hope he had doubs. I particularly like the Longoria Goudey; the Black border and the Halladay are also pretty cool.

1 Ryan Zimmerman
1 Mariano Rivera
1 Nick Markakis
3 Joba Chamberlain

More great stuff. I really like the Joba Heritage Chrome and the Mini Joba. I was really lacking when it came to my Joba Chamberlain collection but not any more.

Mantle, A-Rod and Hughes for my PCs

Chris must have seen my comment on his post about the Clemente card, cause here it is. This is one of my favorite cards of 2008. Awesome photo of an all-time great and great printing quality to boot. Can't get much better than that in terms of base cards.
In the top row we have some of my favorite Yankees ever! Tino, Paulie, and Pettitte. Gotta love Paul ONeill's intensity. The Justice art card is also a great touch; being an artist I dig these type cards.

Chris must have psychic powers cause this package hit the spot. He did a good job with variety, for some reason I always like to see a little bit of everything. Chris, come mid December when I'm home be on the lookout for another package. I'll have some good stuff for your player collections.

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  1. Your welcome, glad you liked. Of course the Ichiro and Longoria cards are doubles :), look forward to mid December.