Friday, December 18, 2009

Need List: 2008 Topps Wal-Mart Dick Perez

I have a huge pile of 2008 Topps so I'm trying to avoid buying another blaster, but I'm still trying to put together the rest of this small set of inserts. My mistake was buying loosie packs instead of going with the blasters right off the bat.

Here is one of the cards that I need:

The ones I need are in red, while the ones that I have are in black

WMDP1 Manny Ramirez
WMDP2 Cameron Maybin
WMDP3 Ryan Howard
WMDP4 David Ortiz
WMDP5 Tim Lincecum
WMDP6 David Wright
WMDP7 Mickey Mantle
WMDP8 Joba Chamberlain (on its way in a trade)
WMDP9 Ichiro
WMDP10 Prince Fielder

I only need three more, help a brother out and offer a trade


  1. i have the maybin. I might have the prince, too. I would have to check. email me your addy. thanks!

  2. i think i have the Mick and the Tim Lin cards