Monday, December 28, 2009

A Merry Christmas to Me

For Christmas I was given a total of FOUR hobby boxes! I was sooo excited for every one of them. Before Christmas this year I had never before opened a hobby box, so you could imagine my sheer joy to now have 4 to open. They were all boxes that I had really wanted; however some of the turn outs were better than others.

The first of these boxes was 2007 UD Masterpieces. A year ago I had opened a blaster of this set and instantly fell in love with these cards. Hopefully I would come close to finishing the set with this hobby box.
I'm just going to show pics of the bordered parallels, the game used and the autos because I have a lot of other posts to get up. But I will be posting a needs list for this set very shortly.

The extra large box topper:
Wow, I had no clue that they were autographed!!! That's awesome! Sure, I don't have too much interest in Andy LaRoche but I really like this card. The painting looks that much better when enlarged to this size.
Btw, you can see the edge of a regular sized toploader on the right side of this picture, which will give you an idea of how large this card is.

I got a total of 5 green bordered parallels.
These are 3 that I was particularly excited for:
Tim Lincecum RC
Phil Hughes RC
and a Reggie Jackson

These are the other 2:
Jered Weaver
and Ryan Howard

I also got a blue sparkly bordered parallel
(not actually sure what this parallel version is called)
Delmon Young (RC) #d/50

Then there is the Auto:
Huh? I have never heard of Justin Hampson before. I love this auto set so I was disappointed to get an auto of someone that I had never heard of before. Oh well, them's the breaks

Ever since buying a Mariano game used card from this set on ebay I had been itching to get my hands on some more of them.

Darn, Scott Rolen is a little less than exciting pull for me. He was a premiere third baseman for a while but has since dropped off.

This one is pretty cool though, Gary Sheffield on the Yanks with a pinstripe right down the middle. Too bad they write that he is on the Tigers, kinda ruins the card for me a lil bit.

Woohooo, Ryan Zimmerman baby. I collect this guy. I was really happy to get this card!

Overall I thought that this box was definitely worth it. Great set of base cards and a couple nice hits. Even though it was a gift, I would definitely say that this box was worth the $45 that it was marked at on

Thank you Mom and Dad

I will be posting a needs list shortly for the remaining basecards that I need to complete the set. In that post I'll be certain to include pictures of how great the cards in this set are.


  1. Nice box!! I love that set also.It was produced again in 2008 and then dropped. I'm trying to complete both years and have want lists posted on my home page if you have any duplicates.

  2. Sweet box topper auto! If you decide to trade it away, please keep me in mind.

    '07 Masterpieces was my first hobby box as well, and is a fun box to break.

  3. Great hits and you got my boy Zimmerman...