Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cards from Brandon at A Fan in Wisconsin

I got a great package from Brandon probably close to 3 weeks ago now. I owe him an apology for not posting these sooner, especially since he sent me some really great cards. Go check out his blog. I still owe him a package but I'm hoping to have another little something to add in to what I already have set aside. Well, lets get to what he sent me.

4 Derek Jeters
Very nice. I like Jeter, therefore I like these. I always kinda liked this Fleer Tradition set, now I have my favorite player's card from it, in addition to the world series card from the set to go with it.

A Paulie, and 3 Mattinglys
I have always had a thing for die cut cards, especially these Pacific Crowns, they are sweet. All of the cards in this scan are great!

3 Mantles, a gold Pettitte and a gold Mauer
Another, Mantle set I have to collect. the list is never ending. And finally I have some gold variations of players I actually think are worth while collecting. I always seem to pull the worthless rookies and the managers when it comes to these golds, but not when the mail comes from Brandon.

Lastly, Brandon sent me a bunch of 09 Turkey Reds to knock off my needs list. I'll show you 8 of them, but he sent me 24 total.

So there you have it, my package from Brandon, over at A Fan in Wisconsin. Go check out his blog. Thank you Brandon for the awesome cards.

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  1. Hey man, fans from Wisconsin are sweet :) I have all of those Mattingly cards in my collection, awesome to see them up here. I actually had that whole set of mini Superstar cards (half red like Mattingly, half blue).

    So I am reaching out because you posted on our blog at www.openingdaycards.com and I need to get an address to send you something. You can email me at joe@openingdaycards.com. Thanks!