Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back!

So after a long absence due to school work, I am back (at least for the summer). I have a ton of stuff to post so stay tuned.

My first interest has been to really improve my top 4 PC's (meaning player collections, not personal collection). On that list we have:
Derek Jeter
Ichiro Suzuki
Joe Mauer
Mariano Rivera

In order to do this, I figure I have to know the cards that are out there available for these players. I've been scrounging this site to try to put together checklists for each of these players. However I've been realizing that this site doesn't list things like variations and inserts which are the cards I most need to focus on gathering.

I've also found this site, and this site which have helpful checklists.

These checklists are taking a huge amount of time to put together, and I'm wondering if anyone has found reliable checklists by player online? If anyone knows of checklists for any of these players, I'd love to see them posted in some comments.

Heck if anyone knows of any fairly all-inclusive player checklists for any player feel free to post them here post them in comments. I'm sure I'm not the only one that faces this dilemma.

Feels nice to be back