Friday, January 8, 2010

Pack of Topps Unique

I made a last minute run to the card shop before leaving for school and I decided to try my luck on a pack of Topps Unique. Little did I know that I had forgotten to bring my four leaf clover with me. Darn

Well here's $7.50 down the drain. I should have instead bought a second of the baseball grab bags with a guaranteed relic that the shop owner had put together for $5. The one that I bought was actually quite good. But that's another post for another time.

Anyway, here's the pack:

5 Base Cards
#21 Rick Ankeil
#31 Braden Looper
#71 AJ Burnett
#89 Akinori Iwamura
#114 Vernon Wells

At least there's a Yankee in the mix. But can someone please explain to me why Rick Ankeil continues to appear in sets other than the flagship set each year? The guy isn't good. And for some reason I am an Ankeil magnet!

The base cards are actually quite nice. I like the design much more in person that I had based on the posts that I had seen. The mix of the matte black frame with the glossy player name up the side is pretty neat.

Red Parallel #d/1199
#179 Jordan Schafer (RC)

I've never heard of this guy. However, that is not my issue with this card. Apparently, Topps took the "Unique" labeling of this set a little too far. They thought that their serial numbering needed to be completely unique as well. Has anyone ever heard of a card serial numbered out of 1199? This has to be the most arbitrary numbering I have ever seen! I'm thinking that the creator decided to use his bank card pin number or something.

The overall trend of serial numbering cards annoys me. Why make a card numbered to 499, or 1299, or 199? It should be 500, 1300, or 200. This isn't like labeling prices on items in Wal-Mart. Can we please get some nice, round numbers?

Lastly there was this Unique Unis card:
#UU16 David Wright

So there it is for you. My pack of Topps Unique. I also have a card of Josh Johnson that I got in the grab bag that I had purchased.

All of these cards are available for trade.

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